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Coming Late 2019 to Early 2020

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Coming Late 2019 to Early 2020

Join Our Team!
Employment Opportunities

(614) 664-6023
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Our customers constantly remind us of why we started this brewery. We wanted to make an amazing local Florida beer AND create an enjoyable drinking experience! Now, with local partners in Central Ohio we can bring our award-winning brews to THE OH-IO

At Crooked Can Brewing Company, experienced craftsmanship and science come together to brew deliciously memorable results. Our brewmasters are adept at blending old world techniques with cutting edge brewing practices for full-bodied, tastefully crisp beer. To us, fermentation is more than just a science. It’s a way of life! We look after all of our brews, carefully creating naturally cultured, refreshing beer.

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The Center Street Market is a locally owned and operated community market located in historic Old Hilliard that is open 7 days a week. We strive to create a community of quality and diverse artisan specialties and local products with multiple vendors that offer local food, natural, organic food, deserts, pastries, coffee and unique shopping all inside of one building. Anchored to the market is the Award Winning Crooked Can Brewing Company, our on-site hand-crafted beer.

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How The Can Became Crooked

Like Every Good Craft Beer, We Have Our Story

Holding true to our founders passion for exceptional craft beer, the award winning Crooked Can Brewing company is now in Ohio. Being locally owned and operated is the key to keeping the quality and consistency that our founders intended while creating an inviting, community gathering place to enjoy.

Thanks to award-winning brewmasters, Crooked Can is defined by its traditional brewing processes, rich flavor and selective quality. Batch after Batch, we have defined our flagship brands as well as limited edition, seasonal and specialty batches.

Visit us in Hilliard at the Center Street Market, 7 days a week to enjoy this unique community experience. Brewery Tours, Private Events and Corporate Events are always welcome.

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